Bionic Studio offers you services in development of Web projects, design, advertising animation, multimedia products, logos and corporate styles, games designing and programming.

If you cannot found the type of service you need please write to us and ask. We will gladly offer you options and choose the best solution together with you.

The full list of services we offer to our clients is presented below.

Web site development

  • Web design
  • Page cutting
  • Web programming
  • CMS programming and development
  • Re-design
  • Oprimisation
  • Creating interactive elements
  • Changing web site

Banner development

  • Creating HTML5, GIF or Flash banners
  • Adaptation for different advertisinf networks
  • Resizing

Flash development

  • Flash animation
  • Flash design
  • Creation effects
  • E-cards
  • Flash presentation
  • Advertising flash cartoons
  • Flash elements for web site
  • Action Script programming


  • Site intro
  • Advertising
  • Banners
  • CD presentation
  • Video
  • Photography
  • 3D animation

Logo and style

  • Logo design
  • Corporative style
  • Design of cards, letters, folders


  • Graphic design
  • Computer photo editing
  • 3D modelling
  • Drawing illustrations
  • Retouch

Game development

  • Writing scenario
  • Creation of characters of game
  • Design game element
  • Animation of egame elements
  • Programming
  • Development server end for games

Web programming

  • Page creation
  • CMS development
  • Data bases
  • PHP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, Action Script
  • Joomla, Drupal, WordPress
  • Frameworks (Yii, Zend, Kohana)

Our clients

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