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In this section, examples of web sites that were created by our studio, or projects in which we participated. Web sites that no longer exist are shown in the form of shorter versions.

What is a web site?

A web site is a specific place on the world wide web, which has its own personal address and host. A web site consists of a certain number of web pages that look like a single whole. All pages of the site are united by a single root address, as well as by a common theme, design and system. A specific programming language (HTML, PHP, JAVA, XHTML, and others) is used to develop the pages of the site, and in fact, each page is a text document. Such text files are first downloaded to the site owner’s computer, and then processed by browsers and displayed as a website page on a computer monitor.
Using the programming language, you can edit pages, insert images, music, video and links. Sites can be as very simple and contain only texts, or pictures, and very complex, with a large number of different functions, controlled by certain programs.
What is the site for? There are several reasons why web sites are created, the main ones are:
– advertising certain products or services. There are sites the main purpose of which is to advertise a particular product or service. If such a site is made professionally, the user, having got on such a web site, will independently come to the fact that he wants to buy certain products or use the service.
– sale of goods or services. Every year the number of people who use the services of online stores is increasing. This is due to the fact that the purchase through the Internet is very convenient for busy people, and in addition the prices of goods are usually lower than in regular stores.
– provision of free information or services. Such websites are created to attract a large number of visitors. The purpose of this may be to obtain statistical information or a place for Internet advertising.
– customer support. On such sites, various updates for software products, account management systems (on bank sites), news and other services can be posted.
Our studio approaches the development of the site for each client individually. The stages of website development can be divided into:

– creation of site design. The web designer of our studio creates a design based on the wishes of the customer, his taste, the purpose for which the site is created, as well as the intended target audience. In the process of developing a design, everything is important: the used fonts, the location of objects, pictures, etc.

– site layout. The coder optimizes the finished design to the requirements of various browsers.

– website programming. Using a specific programming language creates the structure of the site. Also, the programmed output data in the design of the site and the relationship between the pages of the site.

– filling information. The finished site is filled with the necessary information, tex, pictures and other things.

At this stage of the development of the Internet, websites have long become the hallmark of the company. The absolute majority of self-respecting companies have websites and actively use them to promote products or services. Unlike advertising in print or mass media, a web site requires capital investment at the initial stage of its creation, after which it will be your personal advertising platform for many years. Take full advantage of the Internet, and our studio’s specialists will be able to help you.