Logo other categories

In this section we show the logos designed by our specialists.


The logo is an image in which the full or abbreviated name of the enterprise or the trademark is displayed. Such a name can be submitted in the form of an inscription, a picture or combine both the first and second. The logo is the main element of the corporate identity, so it is developed first.
Corporate identity makes it possible to identify and distinguish an enterprise or trademark among others, and the logo is the most recognizable part of it. The officially registered trademark provides an opportunity to protect against unfair competition, and for consumers is a guarantee of the quality of the products or services provided.

The logo consists of several parts:
– a brand name or lettering (sometimes abbreviations);
– the original graphic or font inscription of the name of the enterprise or trademark;
– branded block, which combines the name and trademark.

When creating a logo, our studio is guided by the following principles:

uniqueness and individuality. The created logo should not be similar to existing ones or cause certain associations with familiar trademarks. Also, an individual approach to creating a logo is important, based on the characteristics of the goods or services provided by the company;

attractiveness for potential customers. When developing the logo, the specialists of our studio always take into account the category of population, age and other features of potential customers of the customer company;

intelligibility. In spite of the fact that the logo can be of any shape and kind, it is important that the potential customers of the customer evoke sufficiently clear associations with the enterprise or trademark.

good readability. When creating logos, we always draw the customer’s attention to the fact that it should be easy to read and be understandable to others. Also it is important in cases of sending a letter with a logo by fax or when printing souvenirs.