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We offer services to develop HTML5 banners for any banner site (Google, Admixer, Adriver,, Yandex, etc.). For development, use Adobe Edge Animate, Google Web Designer and Animate CC. For many years we successfully cooperate with advertising agencies and individual customers and in this section only some examples of our works are placed.

The price of an order is determined by an exemplary scenario, the number of formats of one banner, the availability of materials from the customer and urgency.


Modern Internet space and the expansion of the ability to quickly connect to mobile phones requires the user to easily view information. Search services also set the task to optimize the site, making it flexible and configured for the parameters of various devices and screen resolutions. Therefore, it is necessary that not only the site be adaptive, but also individual elements used for advertising purposes, in particular, banners.

HTML5 banners are a page filled with animated vector or bitmap graphics and designed with the help of the CSS3 language, so that animation is displayed both on the PC and on compact screens of mobile phones.

Banners allow you to profitably present a product through animation, creating an attractive image of the product, which has a stronger incentive effect for the buyer than information reflected in a static form. Banners, until recently, were created in two formats – GIF and Flash, and the main array of advertising space is allocated to flash banners. However, HTML5 banners are now coming to the fore.

These advertising media meet the most important requirement – they have cross-browser compatibility. They are displayed by all modern browsers and are able to adjust the display parameters of the banner depending on the resolution of the screen. Thus, html5 animation will open not only on computers, but also on mobile devices, while flash banners are not playable from a phone or smartphone due to the lack of built-in Adobe Flash Player. In addition, since 2015, Google officially announced the refusal to support the technology of flash and the transition to html5 banners.

The main advantages of HTML5 banners:

– Animation works on all modern browsers and devices;
– There is an adaptation of the banner to the technical requirements of banner sites;
– Provide the best position for the site, because Google and other search engines pay attention to optimization for mobile devices;
– Unlimited opportunities to fill the banner – can be used graphics, video, text, scripts;
– HTML5 animation does not require a lot of resources to work;

Even after placing a banner on the resource, it can still be adjusted.

Creation of html5 banners and animations in Bionic Studio is carried out with the help of technologies such as Adobe Edge Animate, Google Web Designer or Animate CC. Many years of experience allow our specialists to offer a winning concept of animation and develop HTML5 banners that help to successfully solve marketing problems. Our studio does not use converters, HTML5 banners are created from scratch, even if the customer has a source product created based on Flash. Thus, we can guarantee that the banners will function correctly on your website, and meet the requirements specified in the conditions of placement on the advertising platforms Google Display Network, Adriver, Admixer, Holder,, etc.