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For demonstration our capabilities below we show just a few examples of GIF banners.


Sometimes there are situations when, ordering a banner, the customer, knowing that there are 2 types of banners, cannot understand what the difference is. That is why we decided to tell what is the difference between GIF and Flash banners.

As you know, the development of banners to them have certain requirements:

– the size. Banner should not be larger than a certain size in kb.
– view. The banner should not annoy the visitor of the site, that is, have a pleasant aesthetic appearance.
– clickability. The effectiveness of the banner is calculated as the ratio of the number of page views with this banner, to the number of clicks on it.

The differences between GIF and Flash banners are embedded directly in technologies with the help of which they are created. As for the GIF banner, this is a raster image or a set of them (if the banner is animated), which follow each other in a specific sequence provided by the script. Unlike GIF, Flash banner combines both raster and vector graphics. The latter has many advantages compared with raster graphics, the main of which is the size of the finished banner. The greater the ratio of vector to raster graphics in the finished banner, the smaller the size of the flash banner. Thus, the use of flash technology allows you to create within the banner, whole videos, but do not go beyond the size required by the customer.

Another advantage of flash banners is the possibility of placing in it a specific script program, in which the developer has a certain sequence of actions. That is, flash banners can be programmatically controlled (to react to pointing the cursor or clicking on a specific area of ​​the banner, dragging within the banner of certain objects, etc.)

Flash banners have one more, one can say an additional One more indisputable advantage of flash banners is that even if the user has no pictures displayed in the browser, your banner will still be displayed, unlike the GIF banner.

Summarizing, we can say that Gif banners are more outdated technology. The predominant number of advertising banners placed today on the Internet are created using Flash technology.