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Virus Hunter 2

This advertising flash game was created for Kaspersky Lab.
Purpose of the game is to advertise the company's products and give the opportunity to win
a discount on these products. 

Game has 3 ordinary levels and 1 bonus level. Ordinary levels allow getting 10% or 20% discount on the company's product. Bonus level is more difficult and allows getting higher discount – up to 30%.
This level can be accessed provided a player enters the code obtained at any of the previously completed levels. 

Your mission is to destroy the characters, which brings you points. The level is passed if a player gets needed number of points for an estimated period of time and remains with ammunition supplies.
While playing a bonus level a player should get definite number of points before he/she fights to kill the monster – boss. 
The game has a lot of surprises and unexpected moments. Many design elements are destroyed or react to impact.
There are bonus and penalty points hidden in many places. 
Shooting is with help of a mouse. A player enters the menu by pressing “Enter” key. 

The game can be started from any of 3 ordinary levels. Discounts were in effect for the period of the campaign only.


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