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Virus hunter (Christmas Edition)

This Christmas version of a flash game is developed for Kaspersky Lab with the purposes of the company’s Christmas offer.

It was aimed to promote the company's products, attract customers and give a chance to win
a discount or renewal of anti-virus products. Discounts were in effect for the period of the campaign only. 

The game has 2 entry levels and 3 game – playing levels. A player, willing to start playing the very game, should get definite number of points at first 2 entry levels and register his/her data. 
You play destroying viruses and malware and get points. The level is passed if a player gets needed number of points for an estimated period of time and remains with ammunition supplies. 

The game has a lot of surprises. Many objects, design elements get destroyed or react in an unexpected way. There are bonus and penalty points hidden in many places. 
Control over the game is with help of a mouse only. 

 In accordance with the statistics a few tens of thousands of the players registered and played the game during a week of the game’s demonstration at the company’s site.

The game was distinguished as “The Game of the Week” on the known site devoted to flash technologies ( in December 2012.



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