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Virus Hunter

Advertising and promotional flash game has been created for Kaspersky Lab.
Purpose of the game is to promote the company's products and give a chance to win a discount on their purchase.
The game has 5 levels and each level represents a well - known software product or a recognizable operating system.


While playing you need to destroy viruses and malicious programs, getting scores. The level is passed if a player gets necessary number of points for an estimated period of time and remains with ammunition supplies.


The game has a lot of surprises. Many of the design elements get destroyed or react in an unexpected way. There are bonus and penalty points hidden in many places.


Control over the game is simple, a player needs only a mouse.
To open menu or control the sound a player uses intuitive level elements.
Players that have reached the end will have to fight against the "boss."


Winner gets a displayed promo code, which entitles a winner to a discount on anti-virus products of this company. But, unfortunately, the code was valid only during the period of a special offer.

This game was presented at the exhibition "CeBIT" (Hanover, Germany) in March 2003.


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