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Lux Windows

Funny advertising and promotional game was designed for Windows
(company, manufacturing and installing windows and doors) with the purpose to attract
an audience and give a chance to win a discount.

A player must break all the old windows and balcony doors at each level, shooting at them with help of a slingshot. In course of the game the installers appear and mount new windows and doors instead of that broken. A player gets points for every newly installed window. In order to pass a level and, correspondently, to get a discount a player has to get needed number of points for an estimated period of time
Higher discount is offered for each completed level. 

The game has lots of surprises and unexpected moments.  Not only windows but also other objects, including even installers, react to impact. If a player puts more efforts he can get more points but there is also a possibility to lose the awarded points 
Player can use different objects for shooting: a core of an apple, a stone, a nut, a ball, a piece of a brick. Each object has its own unique characteristics of weight, hitting and destructive capacity. 

A player uses a mouse for shooting. Holding down a key increases power of a shot. 

Key "space" on a keyboard turns sound on or off. 



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