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German Safety Tour

The game was created for the German company, giving motorcycle driving lessons,
and is an element of interactive training. 

To begin the game a player needs to select a male or a female character. 

Driving along the highway a player should strictly adhere to the traffic signs. Periodically the game asks questions connected with the traffic rules. All texts are given in German. After 3 wrong answers the game is over in its original version; however this limitation is released at this site.  A player gives answers choosing among the options provided in the test. Points are awarded for correct answers and compliance with traffic rules. A player drops points for minor violations of the traffic rules, while in case of a gross violation a player will have to cover some part of the highway once again. 

Be careful, there are oncoming cars, traffic lights and unexpected turns. 

Control with help of a keyboard and a mouse. Cursor management arrows: left and right – to make a turn, up – gas, down - brake. 



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