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A small advertising game designed for “s.Oliver”.
The game was created with the purpose to advertise perfumes for women and men
and provide the opportunity to participate in the company’s prize drawing. 

A player chooses a character at the beginning of the game - a boy or a girl. Depending on the choice a player gets a task for collecting definite products. 

A player must collect all products from the perfume series for the shortest time possible. Evil clouds will impede the process of collection and a player should not touch the clouds. 

Control over the game is with help of a keyboard. Arrow keys set the direction of motion. “S” key freezes enemies for a few seconds. Space bar is used to continue the game after information messages. 

If a player wins, the game sends the results to the server and suggests registering. All that worked during the campaign period. Registration and record of the points are not available at this site. 


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