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It is the variation of a famous old game “Digger”.

A player needs to operate a small tractor - digger, dig tunnels under the ground and look for hidden treasures.
A player can find diamonds or bags of money. If a player manages to undermine a tunnel under such a bag, it will fall down and the coins will be visible. All these objects give points. 

Several monsters running through already dug trenches will impede digger’s work. Furthermore, after a player gets certain number of points a super monster able to move through all barriers appears in the game, however the super monster moves slowly. 

A player can fight against regular monsters with help of missiles.
In addition there are also underground box-surprises. These boxes can hide another "life", new missiles, temporary ability to freeze enemies or temporary "immortality”. 

When a player finds all hidden treasures of the level, a portal of transition to the next level opens for a player. 

Control over the game is with help of a keyboard. Movement and rotation are with help of the arrow keys.  For shooting a player needs to press "space". 


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