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This section contains flash intros for sites.


Flash intro  is a short video in which the visitor is briefly and colorfully provided with information about the site before it reaches the main page. The flash screensaver can provide information about the products that the company sells or produces, the services it provides, business features, competitive advantages, etc. The flash screensaver is most often performed in Flash, but other less popular programs can be used.

A visitor sees a flash intro in the first place, so it is very important that it be made professionally and with high quality. Our studio is individually suited to the development of each screensaver, which allows you to correctly, in an accessible and beautiful form to display the main idea and task of the site. Flash intro should be harmoniously integrated into the design, concept and animation of the site, only in this case, its use will create the desired effect.

The most common flash screensaver is used as an add-on for websites aimed at promoting a new brand, product or service. In such sites, flash intro is considered as an essential attribute, because when creating presentation sites entertainment is necessarily a component of success. A brief presentation of the site, complemented by beautiful animation, effects and sound, will certainly attract the attention of the site visitor and allow you to present the necessary advertising information in an unobtrusive and pleasant manner. At the same time, it is important that the flash screensaver does not overwhelm the site visitor, because with more detailed information, if desired, he can be found on the pages of the site itself. The main task of the flash screensaver is to interest the visitor and make him want to visit the site.