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Here we show flash cards for different holidays. This Christmas cards, birthday greetings, March 8. When viewing it is recommended that you  turn on the sound.
All e-cards can be in video formats.

What is e-Card

Flash postcard is a small movie (cartoon), based on, in contrast to the usual static picture, is a dynamic image that has a soundtrack. Due to the simplicity of perception, the availability of presentation and the fury of the image, flash cards often act as advertising platforms for specific companies. So, a flash card can be used, in order to attract attention to the shares or special offers of the company. Most often, in such cases, flash cards are sent by e-mail.

Flash flash cards are created with the help of multimedia editors, the most popular among them is Adobe Flash. This editor allows you to combine fairly complex designs with programming. To view postcards on the computer must be installed flash player. However, there are other ways to create postcards – in running system files. In this case, the flash card is recorded on CD or DVD discs or sent by mail. When you start the disc locally, the presence of the installed flash player is not necessary.

There are flash cards, which, in fact, are interactive products – that is, require some action from the user. It can be input of a name, a choice of development of a plot, inducement to the beginning of any process or animation. Often during viewing, the animation stops, and the postcard asks you to choose something, click on something or point at something with the cursor. This introduces a variety in viewing and the viewer has a desire to see the postcard again.

There are different types of flash cards. Most often, customers of our studio, order greeting cards and corporate flash cards. Congratulatory flash card – an excellent opportunity to individually congratulate the culprit of the celebration. It will be a product created specifically for a particular person or a specific event – a birthday, a professional holiday, a happy event in his personal life. After all, everyone is pleased to have a postcard, in which not only your name is indicated (as many resources on sending out postcards do), but also to see something created especially for you. In the postcard can appear objects of your life, characters – your employees, relatives, the plot, about which you dreamed. Often such cards are ordered for the anniversary of the authorities, for a loved one, a loved one or a very close friend. These products, as a rule, are not intended for public viewing, therefore in the portfolio we put only the cards approved for general viewing.

Corporate greeting card is a product ordered by a certain company for distribution to its customers or employees. Usually such mailings are held before big holidays, for example, New Year, Easter, March 8. As a rule, such cards contain besides the congratulatory text and animation, also elements of attributes of the company. Thus, the client not only congratulates, but also reminds of himself, and therefore, advertises himself.

The site presents examples of flash cards created by our studio. We do not deal with sending out ready-made cards, we create personal flash cards specially adapted for each client. Ordering a postcard from us, you will receive exactly what you wanted and will be completely confident that this is absolutely unique product, the right to use which belongs exclusively to you.