Flash banners other categories

We have made  made a lot of banners over the years , so here are just some of them. Usually for each advertising campaign we created a set of 4-7 different formats, but here we show only the most general sizes.


Flash banners – a graphic image, inherently similar to the advertising module in the process, while capable of containing some animated elements (sometimes even video). Banners contain a hyperlink to a website or page with specific information provided by the advertiser. Today, flash banners are the predominant form of advertising on the Internet. This is due to their compactness, convenience and high information content.

When creating flash banners using Adobe Flash. Vector graphics allow you to make beautiful animation while the banner sizes remain small. The main advantage of flash banners, above the usual, lies in the possibilities of using multimedia technologies. Flash banner can contain sound effects, and indeed it has a brighter and more impressive appearance, which can significantly increase its effectiveness as an advertising space.

Flash banner consists of layers, each of which can contain independent computer animation. Thus, vector graphics allows you to create truly impressive multimedia effects, even with elements of animated scenes. Flash technology also allows you to create interactive banners.

At the request of the customer, our studio will develop a flash banner of any type convenient for the customer: static, dynamic or “click-through” banner. Also flash banner can be supplemented with various interactive elements or video.

When developing a flash banner, we always recommend that the client weigh the various options well, as intrusive banners that, for example, open over the entire page of the site, or blink too brightly, cause only irritation to the site visitor.

The professionals of our studio have a lot of experience in developing banners of various types and always recommend which technologies or animation are better to use in each specific case in order to achieve the maximum effect from this type of Internet advertising.