About me

My name is Vladislav and I am a multidisciplinary designer with 10+ years of professional experience creating design solutions and unique products. I've got experience designing different web applications, advertising, press products, multimedia products, games and mobile applications.

Throughout my life I have made many friends in the IT field and we often collaborate on big projects. As a rule, these are programmers, SEO specialists, server administrators, analysts.

Drawing is my hobby and love since my childhood. At first I drew for the soul, later there were requests for a specific drawing for money. After were the small caricatures, simple comics. That's how I started my career.  Some of my works are placed in books and newspapers as illustrations.

My animated promo-movie was showed on Hannover IT exhibition and most of the advertising games took new buyers for my customers. During my work began to come more and more new customers. Over time I got new skills, learned new programs and editors. I have a wide range of activity - hand drawing and painting, video montage, animation, graphic and web design, small game developed, advertising.

I worked with 3D modeling, created new brand styles for clients. Also, I have programming skills and often use it.

My life rule is “never stop and learn something new”.


Some of clients